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Yoga, Honey & Wit

Discover the journey of our incense, from the hearts of our handcrafters that practice yoga and meditation together, each day before work. Follow the aromatic travelling experiences of our founder.



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handmade in Bali

100% organic incense with honey and essential oils

Nourora is a beautiful touch between two cultures and a brand of high-end products for relaxation and spiritual discovery.
Each incense is carefully crafted from whole organic ingredients: fragrant wood, honey, essential oils, frankincense and bamboo sticks.

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Long Lasting

Nourora creamy incense sticks are perfectly safe to use for 120 minute experiences.


Our brand is designed as an encouragement of connection with nature, people and spirit.

Natural Ingredients

All ingredients used are natural and organic, following a traditional method.

Handcrafted in Peace

Each of our products is meticulously made by local artists that practice meditation.

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